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AMS 370:1
AMS 370:1
AMS 370:1
AMS 450:1
AMS 450:1
AMS 450:1

AMS Series

  • Available in multiple gear ratios: 370:1 / 450:1

  • Compact size and smooth, quiet operation

  • Industry's first one piece diecast aluminum housing

  • Marine grade painted finish to protect against harsh environments

  • Right angle design for low profile installation

Available AMS Models

Model                          Gear Ratio                           Motor HP

AMS6500                               450:1                                 1 HP HD

AMS4000                               370:1                                 1 HP RD

* NOTE Models refer to max. torque rating of the hoist, NOT weight capacity

The Next Generation

With the AMS Series gear drives, we have taken and built on the tried and true E-Gear.  Improving on things like overall size, materials and speed.  The 370:1 provides a 30% increase in speed over the comparable 4000 E-Gear model without sacrificing torque.  We created a one-piece housing to minimize potential for leaks and invested in casting it in die-cast aluminum.  The die-casting process allows for far greater precision tolerances for a better built drive.  The output shaft is coated for protection and the motor attaches using a flexible lovejoy style coupler.  The AMS Series has been in production since 2015 and is quickly becoming our flagship line.


AMS Part Number
(Gearbox only)
Item Weight
Packaged Weight
Package Dimensions

Output RPM

Output Torque
Input RPM
Lubricant Capacity

15830 (370:1)
15840 (450:1)
36 lb (370) / 65 lb (450) drive only
40 lb (370) / 69 lb (450) drive only
17 x 12 x 12 in (370:1)
26 x 14 x 12 in (450:1)

4.66 RPM (370:1)
3.83 RPM (450:1)
4,000-6,500 in lb
Mobilux EP 023


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