In the late 1980’s personal watercraft (Jet Ski’s) became very popular. Aqua Marine designed and patented three models -1000, 1250, and 1500 pound capacity gears specifically for lifting personal watercraft.

In the early 2000’s Aqua Marine designed and started manufacturing two enclosed versions of the Flat Plate-the E-Gear and the Enclosed Belt Drive(EBD). These designs are available in nine capacities.

In 2014 Aqua Marine designed and put in production the first one piece, die cast right angle gear box designed exclusively for the boat lift industry. Available in two models 370:1 and 450:1 achieving capacities up to 7000 inch pounds. Aqua Marine is currently beginning production of the first high speed helical gear, designed for boat lift application, 190:1, capable of speeds over six feet per minute, 5000 inch pounds. Coming spring 2019.

The beginning of lifting boats started in 1955 with the creation of the Flat

Plate which was designed to lift 2800 pounds. Pleasure boats progressively

became more popular and heavier in weight.  Aqua Marine (Hefty Hoist, Inc) was

started in 1982 with the concept of designing a Flat Plate that could lift 3000, 4000,

6500, and 8500 pounds. These designs filled a void that no other company could accommodate.

EBD Picture.JPG

Over the last 37 years Aqua Marine has seen many changes in the boat lift industry and many other companies have tried to create or duplicate our gear designs. Aqua Marine has always dominated and remained the leader because our basic mission and principles. We can sum up our mission in two words, “Constant Quality”. Aqua Marine is recognized as the high caliber of the industry. We have evolved over thirty-seven years into a state of the art machine and assembly shop that checks and double checks all products before leaving our facility. All of the raw materials are domestic, and all of the manufacturing is done in the U.S. by Americans.

We encourage customers to visit and tour our facilities to see first hand the individual care that goes into each gear. Someone once referred to our process and gears as being like a Rolls Royce-all hand made. Our mission is simply constant quality, reliability, and low or no liability which has proven to be effective since many of our users have been loyal since the beginning-thirty seven years ago.