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AMS E-Gear
AMS E-Gear
AMS E-Gear
AMS E-Gear
AMS E-Gear
AMS E-Gear

E-Gear Series

  • Available in multiple gear ratios: 480:1 / 600:1

  • Industry leading torque up to 9,000 in lbs

  • Through-shaft style output allows for mid- or end of pipe installation

  • All models use 115/230V 56 frame 1725 RPM C-Face motor

  • Adapts to 2" pipe (2.375" OD)

Available E-Gear Models

Model                          Gear Ratio                           Motor HP

3000 E-Gear                          480:1                                   3/4 HP         

4000 E-Gear                          480:1                                   1 HP RD       

5000 E-Gear                          480:1                                   1 HP HD      

6000 E-Gear                          480:1                                   1 1/2 HP       

6000 E-Gear                          600:1                                   1 HP HD      

7000 E-Gear                          600:1                                   1 1/2 HP       

9000 E-Gear                          600:1                                    2 HP        

* NOTE Models refer to max. torque rating of the hoist, NOT weight capacity

No more grease.  No more belts

In the early 2000's AMS introduced the E-Gear as a totally enclosed version of the Flat Plate series.  This was the first enclosed gearbox specifically designed for the Boat Lift industry.  Without any exposed gearing or belts, the system removes the need for maintenance or for bulky covers.  Unlike other systems, both stages of reduction are done through gears and are separated by internal seals to keep both lubricated.  About two decades later, AMS continues to manufacture the E-Gear with minor improvements being made since its inception.  Like the Flat Plate, the drive is made to slide over a 2" pipe (2.375" OD).  With no pulleys or belts, the C-Face motor attaches to the mounting flange of the gearbox with four stainless steel bolts that thread into the threaded holes in the motor end bell.  The overall ratio of the 480:1 E-Gear is the same as a Flat Plate (using a 10" drive pulley).  


AMS Part Number
(Gearbox only)
Item Weight
Packaged Weight
Package Dimensions

Output RPM

Output Torque
Input RPM
Lubricant Capacity

15100E480 (480:1)
15100E600 (600:1)
65 lb (without motor)
68 lb
22 x 20 x 9 in

3.59 RPM (480:1)
2.87 RPM (600:1)
3,000-9,000 in lb
Mobilux EP 023
Input Chamber: 12 oz
Output Chamber: 64 oz

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