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EBD Drive

Enclosed Belt Drive

  • Hybrid unit with belt-driven first reduction & enclosed second stage

  • All models use 115/230V 56 frame 1725 RPM motor

  • Adapts to 1.5" pipe

  • Rated at a maximum torque of 4,000 in lbs

  • Includes EBD plastic clamshell cover

  • Features a bronze Bull Gear & large ball bearings

  • Produced for more than a decade

Hybrid Drive

AMS developed the Enclosed Belt Drive (EBD) unit to fill a gap between the Flat Plate and E-Gear.  Where the E-Gear utilizes gear reductions for both the first and second stage, the EBD keeps it simpler and lighter weight by using a belt-driven first reduction stage.  This helps keep the cost of the unit down a bit and gives the user more control over speed.  The drive pulley size can be decreased for more speed like the Flat Plate (not without sacrificing lifting capability however) but unlike the Flat Plate, the EBD requires no regular maintenance to the gearing.  


AMS Part Number
Item Weight
Packaged Weight (Std Kit)
Package Dimensions

Output RPM
Output Torque
Input RPM
Lubricant Capacity

15820 (Gearbox Only)
35 lb (without motor)
70 lb

26 x 17 x 14


5.75 RPM (300:1)
4,000 in lb
Mobilux EP 023
25.6 oz

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