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Return Policy on New Items

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If a received item is no longer needed, the item may be returned in the original, unopened packaging at the expense of the sender up to one month from date of receipt.  A restocking fee of up to 10% may be assessed depending on the item being returned.  The original shipping/packing charges will not be credited or refunded.  Make sure to insure the package in case the item is damaged by the delivering carrier.  AMS is not responsible for damage due to shipping.  Please contact us before attempting to send back any product to discuss further.  See details below on sending Returned Material Below

Returns for Warranty Claims

Consult the Warranty page to see if your issue is covered by warranty.  If you feel you have a warranty claim, please contact us to discuss and issue an RMA number.  Then, proceed to the RMA steps below.

Returned Material Authorization RMA Process

Once you have been issued an RMA number, follow these guidelines for returning the product to AMS.  DO NOT SEND ANY ITEMS TO US WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION.  Returns without authorization will be refused delivery and returned to sender.

       1. Fill out and print our
RMA Form

       2. Write your RMA number on the outside of the package and also include the                completed RMA Form inside the package.  Include as many details regarding              your issue as possible to expedite your evaluation.  Use the back of the form              for more space.

        3.  Package the item properly.  Simply placing in a box and sending back is not                 permitted.  You must package the item so that it cannot roll or be easily                       damaged from normal shipping methods.  Received items that have been                   damaged in transit will not be evaluated or awarded warranty.  It is highly                   encouraged that you insure the package to protect against shipping                               damages.  If your return is multiple items or oversized packaging, please                     consult with us on shipping via freight on a pallet.
         4. Send the package back to us via UPS/FedEX/DHL at the address below. 

Aqua Marine Supply
Returns Department
2397 Refugee St
Millersport, OH 43046
(740) 467-2515

*DO NOT SEND VIA USPS MAIL as we do not receive USPS Services at our location
*Returns that do not have a completed RMA Form will not be evaluated
*AMS not responsible for freight charges unless deemed necessary

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